Phoenix Wright / Ryuuichi Naruhodou

成 歩堂龍一

Age: 34
Gender: Male
Occupation: Defense attorney

Our triumphant hero.

Personality: Now that Phoenix is back in action, his personality has changed slightly from AA4 to match.  He's not nearly so cryptic, and we see a lot more of his early-game self showing through in his goofiness, his determination, and his affection for his friends.  But he's also undeniably a more mature Phoenix, very much in charge of his firm.

Misc Facts: Phoenix claims he originally didn't have any plans to return to law, but was convinced by a friend (and a particular case).

Friends and Family: Father to Trucy, boss to Apollo and Athena.  It's apparent he has kept up friendships with the Feys and Edgeworth as well.

Name Origin:
English: "Phoenix" comes as a reference to his uncanny ability to turn around cases which were almost lost (as the phoenix comes back from the dead). "Wright" is simply a pun ("Is that right, Mr. Wright?").

Japanese: "Naruhodou" comes from the Japanese word "naruhodo," which means, "I see" or "Is that so?" Ryuuichi is simply a name the creator liked (though its use of the kanji for dragon is played upon in GS3).

Background:  See his old profile.

Spoiler: AA5-5
It's revealed that Phoenix came back to law following a request from Edgeworth, who hoped to get Simon out of prison and end the Dark Days of Law.

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Defense attorney

A playable character in AA5.

Personality: Apollo is as loud and passionate as ever, but in AA5 we also see a more serious side to him, displaying his strong loyalty to his friends.

Misc Facts: Apollo's Perceive is still in the game and can now be used out of court.

Friends and Family: Works in the Wright Anything Office, and has grown close to Phoenix and Trucy, along with taking Athena under his wing.  Was best friends with Daichi and is still friends with Hoshinari, whom he respects deeply.

Name Origin:
: In Greek mythology Apollo is a god of light and truth (and may also refer back to Phoenix being named after a mythological creature). Justice is just a very blatant reference to his profession.

Japanese: Odoroki literally means "a surprise." The kanji hou means "law", and suke is simply a common ending for boys' names. So, his first name basically means "law boy."

Background: See his old profile.

Spoiler: AA5-4
When Apollo was growing up in an orphanage, he met and became close friends with Daichi Aoi. They shared their dreams (law and space respectively) and encouraged each other through difficult times. Apollo even adopted his signature "I'm fine!" from Daichi. The two of them spent a lot of time at the GYAXA Space Center, enjoying the company of Hoshinari, whom they looked up to as a hero.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Magician

Guest of AA5.

Personality: Trucy is bright, energetic, and a bit of a trickster. She seems to have inherited a questionable set of ethics from Phoenix.

Misc Facts: Trucy is still working as a magician, but doesn't have as much time to assist in cases now that she's in high school. 

Friends and Family: Daughter to Phoenix, and close with Apollo and Athena.  Is also revealed to be a friend of Jinxie.

Name Origin:
: May come from "truth" or "true". If you reorder the syllables it sounds like "see true / see through" like her Japanese name. Also, it sounds a lot like the Russian word for "panties."

Japanese: Comes from the word minuku, "to see through."

Background: See her old profile.